Saquon Barkley Authentic Jersey Film który pokazuje piękno polskiej przyrody | Z nurtem życia - Film to swoistego rodzaju podróż w czasie ukazująca już nie istniejące magiczne zakątki rzeki Skawy.
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About the film

Man is only one of many elements of nature, , but at the same time it is him who reflects the most evocative suffering.


It is the first documentary in Poland made in RAW technology. Outstanding scenes are accompanied by sublime sound of nature together with music composed particularly for the film in question.

The film “With the Flow of Life” is a sort of a journey through Lesser Poland (Małopolska) which shows the beauty of the Polish nature in an artistic and documentary way.


It is a sort of a journey in time which presents non-existing magical spots near the Skawa River with a new dam under construction in Świnna Poręba. It tells the story of nature and man. However, it is not man but a variety of 80 species of animals that play the crucial role here. Those animals inhabiting either the nearby woods or the riverside have learnt to coexist with people.


It is as if through their eyes that we can see changes to that place throughout the recent 5 years as well as the role man has played in it.


Tomasz Kotaś

Tomasz Kotaś, as a forest ranger’s grandson, had a chance to observe the nature since his early childhood, especially during his holiday time. His artistic soul as well as passion for capturing passing moments either on canvas, paper or a film has stayed with him until now. For him a camera has become an inseparable companion during his journeys and daily routines alike. His early passion has developed into a way of life. He loves landscapes, wide-angled views as well as close-ups, where a composition along with colour forms a harmony. Born in 1976 in Wadowice, he is a graduate of the Cracow Arts School. He has been involved in filmmaking for over 15 years. It was then that alongside his long-time friend, Krzysztof Sarapata, he established an independent film studio. In 2011 he was awarded EEVA Best Videographer 2011. A year later EEVA granted him an award in the field - Best Movie. In 2013 he was singled out to be in the EEVA Jury. Recent years have seen Tomasz Kotaś being increasingly involved in a variety of productions connected with advertising and cinematography. Together with Krzysztof Sarapata he made a travel movie entitled “From Sunrise to Sunset”, which ranked the second at the International Festival FilmAT in the category “The Best Travel Movie 2015”. The film in question was specially produced for the town of Wadowice. Every film, he feels, should be an emotional journey guiding a viewer through a well-scripted story. It has to show things that are hardly noticeable in our daily lives. Each aspect in filmmaking, ranging from initial scenes through editing, soundtrack up to colour processing, should make a particular movie stick in a viewer’s mind for good.

Krzysztof Sarapata

Krzysztof Sarapata has a 15-year experience in making and directing movies as well as in editing and adding sound to them. In his childhood his father made him sensitive to the world of wildlife and documentaries. As a young boy he used to dream about becoming an ornithologist; however, he pursued a different path of his career. Nowadays his passion for the world of nature is reflected through his photography and films in which the omnipresent nature is skilfully interwoven. Through his films he attempts to capture and convey emotions, little gestures which testify to an emotional side of man. Working in his own film studio has enabled him to gain experience in sound processing, owing to which he also pursues his other passion connected with it. Film quality combined with sound has always been his strong feature. Born in 1976 in Wadowice, Poland, he studied Design and Enterprise Management at MTiW in Radom. It was as early as then that he felt film making was something he would definitely be engaged in. In the year 2001 he and his long-time friend established an independent film studio in which he deals with making documentaries. In 2011 he was awarded EEVA Best Videographer 2011. A year later EEVA granted him an award in the field - Best Movie. In 2013 he was singled out to be in the EEVA Jury. Over recent years Krzysztof Sarapata has been involved in numerous productions connected with advertising and cinematography. Along with Tomasz Kotaś, he made a travel movie entitled “From Sunrise to Sunset”, which ranked the second at the International Festival FilmAT in the category “The Best Travel Movie 2015”. He perceives nature as everything that surrounds us. Rain, wind, smell, sounds …. are within our reach. It is not necessary to travel as far as Białowieża or to the estuary of the Warta River to have a chance of witnessing timid mammals or rare birds. He hopes you will enjoy this nature as much as he does. All you need to do is wrap up in warm clothes and leave outside. Everything is out there waiting for you.

Author of music

Marek kubik

Born in Białystok, a composer, a music producer and a sound director. He made his debut with his music to the cult classic “Part of Podlasie”. On everyday basis he works in his recording studio where he creates his own music or works on other musicians’ ideas. His greatest passion is film music.

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Film specifications


Title: “Flow of Life”
Film status: Postproduction
Date of release: 22 April 2017
Producer: Krzysztof Sarapata, Tomasz Kotaś
Screenplay: Krzysztof Sarapata, Tomasz Kotaś
Music: Marek Kubik
Text: Waldemar Krasowski
Date of production: 2016
Country: Polska
Photos: Krzysztof Sarapata, Tomasz Kotaś
Sound effects:Krzysztof Sarapata


Urząd miasta Wadowice
Grupa Piekus
Jacek Krupa Marszałek Województwa Małopolskiego.
Wadowickie Centrum Kultury
Salamandra magazyn przyrodniczy
Fundacja Wspierania Inicjatyw Ekologicznych
Wadowice online
Gmina Mucharz
Gmina Stryszów


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